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I never took "bubble memory" seriously, though there was a fine project Dennis wrote up.  Couldn't afford it at the time, by the time I could the parts were ancient history and even more expensive, hard drives were faster and cheaper (Tandy didn't pay their tech support all that much).

If that was a primary drive you gave to the vivisectionists, you will get a kiloyear per megabyte extra in Purgatory.  While secondary drives are easy to build from scratch, the primary drives contained the control circuitry.  The adapter card, whether for T6k or Coco, was just something to present a Mod 3/4 bus to the controller in the primary HD case.  Those of us with systems that prefer those (Mod 16, Mod 1, Mod 4 &cet) want them alive.

Donating a Tandy primary drive to an electronics school is like donating a laughing child to a veterinary asylum.
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> I remember the ''bubble memory'' thingie... and the multi thousand
> dollar 5 and 10 megabyte hard drives - donated a tandy 5 megabyte to an
> electronics school some while back - should have kept that sucker -r
> > You and I (plus a few folks on classiccmp) may be the only ones around
> > who remember when hard storage for microcomputers was well over a
> > kilobuck per megabyte (and let's not discuss the price of volatile
> > memory).  There are others who _would_ remember, but Alzheimers is a
> > pernicious thing.

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