[Coco] Linux box needs ethernet connection to router/web/LAN

coco at yourdvd.net coco at yourdvd.net
Sun Apr 29 12:36:00 EDT 2007

I remember the ''bubble memory'' thingie... and the multi thousand
dollar 5 and 10 megabyte hard drives - donated a tandy 5 megabyte to an
electronics school some while back - should have kept that sucker -r

> You and I (plus a few folks on classiccmp) may be the only ones around
> who remember when hard storage for microcomputers was well over a
> kilobuck per megabyte (and let's not discuss the price of volatile
> memory).  There are others who _would_ remember, but Alzheimers is a
> pernicious thing.
> -- 
> Ward Griffiths    wdg3rd at comcast.net

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