[Coco] Linux box needs ethernet connection to router/web/LAN

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Tue Apr 24 23:10:13 EDT 2007

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From: Mike Pepe <lamune at doki-doki.net>
> Yeah, I may work at the evil empire, but I'm a linux guy at heart. My 
> first linux install was slackware 0.9, distributed on about 50 floppy disks.
> Ah, those were the days :)

Newbie.  I started with SLS, the precedessor to Slackware.  I'm too senile to remember the exact version, but it was a lot lower than 1.0.  Installed it from a 5.25" high stack of 5.25" floppies on a 386/25 with 4Mb RAM and an Oak VGA card so I didn't even consider getting X going that first time.  Command line was fine, i's how I spend most of my time.

I needed a cheap Unix.  My 3B1 didn't survive the move from San Jose to Brooklyn.  And I'd lost the TRS-80 Model 16 Xenix machine and the T2k when the previous marriage went south (a software support guy should never marry a gal who does hardware support on the same equipment [and yes, I know you're all snickering but I'm mature (aka old, in the second half of my first century) enough to deal with it]).  My current spouse is a nurse, she deals with life forms based on carbon rather than silicon.  Much safer though she keeps telling me to get all of that crap out of the basement. (TRS-80 Mods 1, 2, 4, 4p, 6khd, 100 x4, Coco 1 x2, 2, 3 x3, a shitload of peripherals and some other stuff like a few AT&T 7300s [2 work, 1 for parts]and some Kaypro gear and that Heath thing I've never had the courage to plug in).  And the Compaq luggable shell I'm slowly doing the Coco 3 repack into.  (Anybody with a VAIO can have a portable Linux system, I figure a luggable (Nitr)OS-9 system has so
 me hac
ker cred).
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