[Coco] My Linux is now online!

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Apr 24 16:55:44 EDT 2007

On Tuesday 24 April 2007, Roger Taylor wrote:
>Red Hat Linux 9.0 is ->  ONLINE !!!!
>Google came up in Mozilla after I unchecked the "Device Alias Number
>= 1" setting in the Ethernet Device menu.
>Drum roll, please?!?!

>Now, I'll play around for a few minutes, then it's off to installing
>my favorite language HLA so that I can port CCASM over to Linux and
>then get the CoCo Cafe's CGI-BIN script that I wrote upgraded.
>I have some questions:
>What tools do I need for reading/writing reliable 360K CoCo floppy
>disks from Linux, and how well is the support for my 5.25" clunkers?
>How hard is it to get Samba (Windows<->Linux file sharing?) to work
>under Red Hat 9?

google for fdutils-5.4, its an older package but works fine where 5.5 is a 
pita.  You may even have 5.3 already installed and minor editing 

>I just issued "smbd -V" and it reports Version 2.2.7a so I guess I
>have it installed.  I remember adding all the packages I could when I
>first installed RH from the CDs.

That depends on the age of the samba installed on the rest of your home 
network, both M$ and linux have moved on to the next generation of that, 
called the Common Internet File System, or CIFS for short, starting at about 
that time frame.  So far, here at the coyote's den, it has been connecting ok 
to later, version 3.x.x sambas ok.  But I don't have anything left with a 
samba-2.x.x installed to be able to say that still works.

Cheers, Gene
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