[Coco] Are you there?

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 19 20:53:46 EDT 2007

Rswoger at aol.com wrote:
> Dave,
> Are you out there? We are getting no response from you. Tried to phone - no  
> answer.

Yes I am here although just barely.
I apologize for disappearing so abruptly. Just after I typed at Roger 
way back when, I went fishing. While out of state, I had heart trouble 
again. What with being in a strange hospital and then back home in the 
hospital and recovery, I am just now feeling strong enough to sit in 
front of the computer again.

I through my phone away during the last election. One day I walked from 
the work shop to answer the phone 3 times and every time the computer 
generated call would ring 5 times and hang up, just as I got there.

I threw the phone in the trash and before I came to my senses and 
realized I had toss a $90 item in the garbage someone took it out and it 
was hauled off.

Never have replaced it and you are the only one who has mentioned it. 
Guess you are the only important person to call.

More later.

A little rum in the morning coffee. Just to clear the cobwebs, ya know.

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