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Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sat Apr 14 11:18:53 EDT 2007

Dan Olson wrote:
>> Again 3" disks where pretty common over here on the Amstrad machines
>> line the PPC6128 and the PCW series, odd things, belt driven drives
>> (like the first Tandon IBM 5.25s), but unlike any other disks (by
>> design at least), to use side 2 you had to take the disk out and turn
>> it over (as you would with a cassette). Of course being belt driven
>> the couple of machines I have with these drives in have given up the
>> ghost due to perished belts :(
> Didn't Amdek made a few 3" drive systems for various machines?  ...
I remember the Amdek 3" drives were being advertised for the CoCo for a
while.  I took a quick look in the July '84 Rainbow (which is the first
issue I have) but didn't see Amdek in the advertiser list.  It was
probably a different vendor supplying the drives to the CoCo market. 
However, I did notice that JARB Software/Hardware offered Gray Lady
submarine simulator and T.A.G. The Adventure Generator on cassette,
"Disk" (presumably 5.25"), and Amdisk, so they must have been available
at that time.

>     Dan
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