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Yes, Amdek made the 3" drives (actually Hitachi); I have two such dual-drive boxes as well as
disks (flippy type).  The disks can still be found as Maxell CF2.  Unforch, I haven't fired them up
in years so perhaps the belts will need replacement.  
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> Again 3" disks where pretty common over here on the Amstrad machines line the > PPC6128 and the PCW series, odd things, belt driven drives (like the first > Tandon IBM 5.25s), but unlike any other disks (by design at least), to use > side 2 you had to take the disk out and turn it over (as you would with a > cassette). Of course being belt driven the couple of machines I have with > these drives in have given up the ghost due to perished belts :( 
Didn't Amdek made a few 3" drive systems for various machines? Belt drives aren't that uncommon, the SS 3.5" Atari ST drive I mentioned a couple e-mails ago is belt drive, I think my Amiga 1000 drives are too, not to mention a ton of full and half height 5.25" drives. I replace the belt on the ST drive, the local electronics store has belts by the hundreds (for VCRs and such) and they're usually cheap too. 
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