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Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Thu Apr 12 18:59:53 EDT 2007

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Rumor has it that Frank Pittel may have mentioned these words:
>> Was there ever a 720K 5.25 floppy drive?
> Many! One computer (of many) that shipped with them standard would the
> Tandy 2000 series computers.... sometimes they're (erroneously)
> refered to as "quad density" - erroneously because density generally
> refers to the #/size of bits & sectors per track - and 720K drives
> were stored the same amount of data per track as 360K drives, but had
> double the # of tracks.
I used 720K floppy disks on an old computer called the Sage way back
when.  Motorola 68000.  I believe it ran USCD Pascal P-code system.
> ...
>>  The 3.5 floppies were 720K and 1.4M.
> Ah... not quite. ...
And don't forget 2.88M.  I sort of understand why those never caught on,
but not quite.  I guess it was that they came out at about the same time
as CD-ROMs, and while 2.88M floppies halve the number of disks you need
to ship, CD-ROM (at the time) reduced it to one.  But still... You often
still see support for it in the BIOS.  But you never see the drives or
disks.  I've seen the drives in IBM PS/1 and PS/2 systems a few times.

And that's not even counting things like those oddball Superdrives that
could put something like 32M on an ordinary 1.4M floppy...

> All in all, *lots* of different rascals over the years.
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