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Thu Oct 26 15:47:17 EDT 2006

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dano at agora.rdrop.com writes:

>the  upper 32k of RAM is not being used by Basic. 

There is/was a program called Key-264K for the coco 1&2 which does  allow 
Basic to use
both upper and lower 32KB of ram memory.  It was available in both  cassette 
and disk forms.
However, Key-264K is rarer than hens teeth and no one seems to have a copy  
other than
myself, according to queries over many years on the coco lists. 
Key-264K was by Neil Capeless, who may still reside in Bolton Mass.   You can 
look up his
address and try contacting him for current availability and cost.  Be  
forewarned that several
previous contact attempts have yielded zippo.    -ph

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