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I'm  pretty sure I had this when in my Coco time, but I thought it was a 
cartridge  and came with a plastic keyboard overlay.
There were quite a few of these  "Basic Enhancer" programs. You would press 
one key and it would enter Basic  Keywords for you. 
No, Key-264K is quite different from the description above.  To check  out 
the specs, look
for advertising by Key Color Software in some of the early-to-mid-1980s  
Rainbow magazines,
such as the August 1985 Rainbow games issue, page 156.   Newer  issues likely 
would no
longer have the ads because of the rumored upcoming Coco-3 with its 128kb  
ram, upgradable.  
Key-264K gives you two banks of 32k ram (in a 64k machine) which can  operate
independently of each other, or be interactive, in RS basic, with some  
additional commands.

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