[Coco] CoCo Questions

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Thu Oct 26 09:14:39 EDT 2006

wdg3rd at comcast.net wrote:
> While there were 80-column interfaces available back in the day (though not from the Shack),
> it was easier to connect a terminal to the serial port.  Did that with both the DT-1 and DT-100 
> (both intended for Xenix systens) in my classroom at the RSCC in Los Angeles.  Hell, over the years
> I've hooked up lots of machines to color computers  (many of them other Tandy computers with 
> Z-80 or 68k processors but I always thought the 80186-based Tandy 2000 was the best terminal
> in history)-- though I guess I think some folks would think it criminal to use a Linux system
> on a 2+ GHz CPU (miniterm) as a terminal to an OS-9 box running at 900 KHz. (which I've done
> and will do again [insert madman laugh here, Vincent Price is good, Peter Lorre is better]).


	Do it all the time (Tho my Linux box is only 900Mhz and I prefer xc for 
a terminal).

Christopher R. Hawks
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in the mad rush to upgrade systems to do things that aren't needed by
people who don't understand what they are really supposed to do with them.
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