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While there were 80-column interfaces available back in the day (though not from the Shack), it was easier to connect a terminal to the serial port.  Did that with both the DT-1 and DT-100 (both intended for Xenix systens) in my classroom at the RSCC in Los Angeles.  Hell, over the years I've hooked up lots of machines to color computers  (many of them other Tandy computers with Z-80 or 68k processors but I always thought the 80186-based Tandy 2000 was the best terminal in history)-- though I guess I think some folks would think it criminal to use a Linux system on a 2+ GHz CPU (miniterm) as a terminal to an OS-9 box running at 900 KHz. (which I've done and will do again [insert madman laugh here, Vincent Price is good, Peter Lorre is better]).
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From: Dan Olson <dano at agora.rdrop.com>
> > As has been mentioned already, coco3.com is great, but you might also
> > check out coco25.com, particularly the Wiki site at:
> > http://www.coco25.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page.  Allen Huffman runs it,
> > or at least administers the Wiki.  Email him for an account so you can
> > edit Wiki entries.
> Very nice site, thanks!
>    It doesn't look like there's any information up
> > there yet about the Speech and Sound Pak or Orchestra 90CC (which may be
> > the sound cartridges you are thinking of), but adding this information
> > to the Wiki is a good way to keep it alive.  I added an entry for the
> > DS-69 Digisector a few months ago.  I have an Orch 90CC, but haven't
> > ever done a whole lot with it.  Maybe I'll look into it a little and
> > type up a Wiki entry.
> I was just interested to see what was out there, and maybe read a little 
> about what it did or didn't do.  The 80 column card is another interesting 
> thing, if it ever existed.  Thanks again.
>  	Dan
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