[Coco] Rainbow Books and other newsletters

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Sun Jun 12 20:24:18 EDT 2005

I see the reason why you wish to act as hub... more control.

But keep in mind that will incur a little extra shipping expense.

Mag -> You -> Scanner, Disk -> You

We can provide OCR first cuts and text to proofreaders online (no
shipping)... since they only need a lo-res image package and raw ascii
text. The initial OCR however, from hi-res images, will have to be done
by somebody in the chain of custody of the DVD or CD from the scanner.
That could be you, you would just run a script.

The Mag->You step could be cut out when you aren't the scanner, if you
decide after getting into this that you trust some other people doing
the scanning, you could consider having the donated magazines shipped
directly to them.

The best case is self-owned, self-scanned copies since they just send
you a DVD or CD of their hi-res images. No shipping aside from the
cd/dvd one-time.

As to accountability of individuals involved... I don't know what to say
about that. You're going to be working with volunteers so there's only
so much you can do on that score. If someone becomes a roadblock you
time out on them and reroute around them. If this is kept fairly
decentralized I doubt anyone will have many of the eggs in their basket
at any given time, except for you since you're collecting the hi-res

-- John.

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