[Coco] Rainbow Books and other newsletters

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Sun Jun 12 22:05:09 EDT 2005


Excellent suggestions!  I agree with you that the best scanners would be
ones that are using their own magazines.  As far as shipping  straight to
scanners - I see no reason not to do that and offer myself as an
in-between  for those who would rather just ship the magazines and have it
handled for them.

I think that we need to establish a lead for the OCR portion of the
project - would anyone disagree?  I am going to be focused primarily on
organizing the initial scans and archival of the initial image files, and
I think it would be helpful to have someone to step up and run with the
OCR project. I don't remember anyone volunteering to lead that portion of
the project, but bear in mind I am still getting things organized and may
have missed someone - if so please do not be discouraged or insulted!!

Michael Harwood

> I see the reason why you wish to act as hub... more control.
> But keep in mind that will incur a little extra shipping expense.
> Mag -> You -> Scanner, Disk -> You
> We can provide OCR first cuts and text to proofreaders online (no
> shipping)... since they only need a lo-res image package and raw ascii
> text. The initial OCR however, from hi-res images, will have to be done
> by somebody in the chain of custody of the DVD or CD from the scanner.
> That could be you, you would just run a script.
> The Mag->You step could be cut out when you aren't the scanner, if you
> decide after getting into this that you trust some other people doing
> the scanning, you could consider having the donated magazines shipped
> directly to them.
> The best case is self-owned, self-scanned copies since they just send
> you a DVD or CD of their hi-res images. No shipping aside from the
> cd/dvd one-time.
> As to accountability of individuals involved... I don't know what to say
> about that. You're going to be working with volunteers so there's only
> so much you can do on that score. If someone becomes a roadblock you
> time out on them and reroute around them. If this is kept fairly
> decentralized I doubt anyone will have many of the eggs in their basket
> at any given time, except for you since you're collecting the hi-res
> scans.
> -- John.

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