[Coco] Rainbow Books and other newsletters

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Sun Jun 12 14:25:08 EDT 2005


Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> For this project the magazines will need to have their bindings removed,
> further adding to the possible hesitation of volunteering magazines.
> Here is what I propose:
> Let me handle "warehousing" the magazines during the process.  I will keep
> all of the magazines to be scanned and handle all of the logistics
> regarding the scanner volunteers.  Persons who volunteer their magazines
> will receive them back if possible (if they are not stolen, shredded in
> the mail, etc) with the caveat that they will have their bindings removed.
>  I will keep a public record of all the magazines "donated" on my web site
> with names of who donated them.
> When a person volunteers to scan a magazine they will consult with me and 
> I will arrange an appropriate issue from the "needs" list to be scanned. 
> If they have a magazine on hand that fits the bill so much the better, but
> if they don't they will be shipped one from the stickpile that is ready to
> go with it's binding and shipping label (on front usually) removed.  Once
> a volunteer has finished a scan he will ship me the media with the
> finished scans and the magazine.  Once received I will verify that we can
> check that magazine off the list as being scanned and ship (if requested)
> the magazine to the orginal owner.  If someone has donated more than one
> magazine they would be shipped in multiples rather than one by one to save
> shipping costs.

	All of this violent talk about binding amputation. If my computer had a 
v-chip I would have missed it all!

	Correct me if I'm wrong but the binding amputation (sounds like a legal 
term, no?) will only be necessary for the non-stapled issues. The 
stapled issues can have the staple carefully removed and replaced after 
being scanned. Unless the resulting page is to large?

	What percent of the Rainbows were stapled?


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