[Color Computer] Re: [Coco] Rainbow on Disc - abuse of the list??

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Fri Jun 10 15:53:50 EDT 2005

Excellent suggestion Roger!  I am perfectly happy keeping this on the list,
but I don't want to abuse or host.  As you pointed out I am a newcomer to
the list and learning the ropes in regards to what's appropriate.

Bio??  I would be happy to!  Is there a format preferred, or should I just
ramble on for a few pages?  ;)  My story is not nearly as interesting or
touching as Mary's (the Coconutz! Online newsletter editor).

Michael Harwood

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The CoCo Cafe :) has been a good meeting place for stuff like this.  It's
live and even has a meeting scheduler, written by yours truly.

As for the topic, it's not much different than the blasts of nonsense that I
have to weed through a lot of times.  Sometimes the goofiest things seem to
amaze the most people on this list, as the number of posts prove, so an
organized matter like this isn't all that bad.  I say keep posting as usual
and add to the overall content.

Btw, I haven't noticed any posts from Michael until this topic was started
so I'm wondering if he has posted a BIO like everyone else so we can know
him better.  He seems to be good at organizing this project considering it's
only been a few days or so and the idea looks more than promising now.

Also, why hasn't anybody gotten ahold of Lonnie on this idea years ago?


Roger Taylor

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