[Coco] [Color Computer] Creating a DSK file on a real coco..

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Tue Dec 27 14:48:34 EST 2005

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> The errors indicate that the disks in question could not be read for some 
> reason. Reading one track at a time rather than one sector at a time may 
> be putting more stress on marginal hardware. The second disk failed after 
> reading one track $1200/$100/$12=1, the first disk at $A200/$100/$12=9.
> If the entire disk had been read, the error would not matter because you 
> would still have an image. If dcheck does not show any errors (presumably 
> on the original floppies), the only thing I can think of is that the 
> "disk" receiving the image failed. Most likely problem is that you are 
> using a RAM disk and ran out of room. You need a large RAM disk for this 
> process.

 I would agree with you but for the fact that I have two disks failing at 
the same point, and I left the broken images on the hard drive to keep that 
space full, unless it's a bad sector on the hard drive that OS9 keeps trying 
to hit. I would think that it wouldn't keep hitting that sector at the same 
point on each attempt, especially since I'm leaving the old images in place.
 So this leaves me stumped. 

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