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Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Mon Jun 7 16:10:16 EDT 2004


	My two cents on this is that with the advent of Linux, I have very
little interest in OS9 anymore. But I am still interested in the coco
for its hardware hacking fun capabilities. I would not even think about
to hack up some kind of PCI board. But I am tossing around a few ideas
for the
coco bus:

	cpu paks (a cpu (68k, 80186, tms9900, 6502, etc), some ram and probably
		a timer int)
	updated spectrum analyzer pak
	updated music synth pak
	static ram pak (to allow a deuce to run at 1.79 MHz)

	And I agree with the games thing. If I ever find a job I will buy (as
well as
try to write) some games.

	I could design a 68k cpu pak but cannot do the circuit board. Perhaps
cloud 9 people could pick up the idea. I would love to play around with
some 68k

Charlie wrote:
> "James Ross" <jr at webross.com> wrote in message
> news:doj2c0hs0v4g0gvnkdnlj9uoid4u4j91s5 at 4ax.com...
> > Charlie wrote:
> >
> > > I mean, go on over to an Atari community... Maybe not Atari
> > >computers, I don't know I never liked Atari computers, but the old
> > >game systems. Now those are active and working online groups.
> >
> > Just my guess, but I am willing to bet that the ratio is likely to be
> > related to the number units sold.  In both cases, today, it is just a
> > hobby.  Just happens that there were, certainly, a lot more Atari's
> > sold than CoCo's.
> >
> > JR
> True, but growing up with the COCO, going to COCO fests in Princeton,
> drooling over ads for COCO games in Rainbow......
> Now, nothing but new hardware really. I always say ..... why? Just to run
> the same old stuff? Hmmm.....
> I mean even the MC-10 has new games. I know, I wrote them ;-)
> I'm starting to think the main difference between scenes like Atari and COCO
> are the age of the fans.
> Yeah, of course ATARI would have many more people, but I think they are
> mostly my age, early 30s.
> Plus, COCO being a computer, the young people who were fans "back in the
> day" have moved on to write software for new hardware.
> While Atari fans write code for old ATARI platforms, because it serves a
> single purpose they love. It's ONLY a game machine.
> And, all told, to many that classic simple graphics with focus on game play
> just can't be matched by many of todays games.
> Still, I'd be the 1st in line to support new COCO games. :-) I just ordered
> Nick's Pac-Man a couple months ago. It's excellent.
> -Charlie
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