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Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Sun Jun 6 20:25:01 EDT 2004

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There was a person about a year ago? Probably longer, time flies.... That 
did VHDL for a living and was working on either the GIME or a 6809 core. 
Don't recall. I haven't seen anything from the is person, anyone recall 
this with more specifics?



>Hi all,
>Is anyone working on replacing or improving this piece of the CoCo 3?  I
>don't really hear much about new hardware projects going on from anyone
>other than Mark.
>I did pick of his new IDE compact flash controller at the CoCoFest and
>AM going to turn it on soon. Been trying to finish up some of my home
>improvement projects before I get down to serious CoCoing  :)
>Anyway, would be great to hear about anything that anyone else is
>making. The more momentum we can generate for the 25th anniversary, the
>Thanks all,
>Dave Gacke
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