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I started looking into the possibility of doing a GIME Chip in VHDL and is doable. 
The one part of the GIME chip that will not be apart of an FPGA is the internal 
analog oscillator. To do an improved and VHDL model of the GIME chip will not 
easily be backward compatible pin count.  One would almost have to consider a 
new board layout. 

You can use one FPGA for the 6809 and one for the GIME chip and a CPLD for the 
rest of the glue logic. One thought was to be able to do full VGA screen with 31KHz 
scan. The problem with this that several OS9 modules will have to be modified to 
take advantage of that. What I was thinking along the lines of adding the capability 
of incorporating the ability to drive an LCD monitor as well as RGB analog monitors. 

RIght now until I get settled in my new place and finish a couple of other 
commitments, I plan to start this project up again. Should be about the end of June.


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> Hi all,
> Is anyone working on replacing or improving this piece of the CoCo 3? 
> I don't really hear much about new hardware projects going on from
> anyone other than Mark.
> I did pick of his new IDE compact flash controller at the CoCoFest and
> AM going to turn it on soon. Been trying to finish up some of my home
> improvement projects before I get down to serious CoCoing  :)
> Anyway, would be great to hear about anything that anyone else is
> making. The more momentum we can generate for the 25th anniversary,
> the better.  
> Thanks all,
> Dave Gacke
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