[Coco] Coco 3 and the Internet

Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Sun Jun 6 00:20:26 EDT 2004

At 10:16 PM 6/5/2004 -0500, you wrote:

I saw Curtis Boyle demoing an HTML viewer back about 3 fest ago in 


>At 08:11 AM 6/5/2004, you wrote:
>>At the very least, it should be trivial to design a simple HTML parser 
>>which would get HTML text from some input path and call "tag handlers" to 
>>handle the various tags in the text.  This can be done now, simply by 
>>using test HTML pages on a floppy or hard drive.
>>It would be tedious to write in assembly, but would probably offer the 
>>best in terms of speed and code size.  I say someone should take up the 
>>challenge and start on one!
>Sock's Hi-Color trick would be great for this.  That, or my old/unreleased 
>Net-Mate video that does 8 colors per foreground/background on the 
>graphics screen.  It prints all of the "IBM" graphics 
>characters/lines/angles, etc. but the text font is kinda compressed.
>It would be very easy to render simple HTML content, but most stuff on the 
>web today would choke a weak browser.  You'd just have to ignore tags you 
>couldn't process and hope for the best.  Images would be impractical to 
>support, especially since we've never pull off the JPEG format, and GIF 
>does take a while to render.  Animated GIFs would be hard to display.
>Another thing to consider is the height limit of a page... some pages just 
>keep going on forever it seems.  To support this on the CoCo, you'd have 
>to render directly to a virtual screen that runs from block #0 to #55 or 
>so, or perhaps block #64 to #255 on a 2-meg machine.  Blocks #64 to #127 
>are free (in Disk BASIC) on a 1-meg machine.  You'd scroll through that 
>memory just like the PC does when you scroll up or down on a tall web page.
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