[Coco] Hard Drive Problems

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jun 4 08:01:38 EDT 2004

Mark Marlette wrote:
> Once this is done from HDB-DOS, RESET the COCO, let the system boot to 
> HDB-DOS, type DRIVEOFF, type BACKUP 0 to 255. Then RUN"LINK:4(This is 
> where Cloud-9 places then HDB-DOS distyribution disk)
> DRIVE is 255........follow the prompts.....
> Regards,
> Mark
> Cloud-9

Mark this reads as though leaves the user at the default drive for 
HDB-DOS, real floppy #0. Why not make use of the RGB-DOS/HDB-DOS 
AUTOEXEC.BAS function to automatically switch to a new AUTOEXEC.BAS on 
drive #4 if that is where the HDB-DOS utilities are located? Then the 
Basic utilities could be run without :# or DRIVE#. The new AUTOEXEC 
could also be a menu pointing to the most important utilities, ex. LINK, 
FIND and offer booting to OS-9 and other major programs ex. ULTIMATERM, 
Telewriter-128, EDTASM.

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