[Coco] Rainbow, Hot Coco, Color Computer Magazine downloads

Tom Seagrove tjseagrove at writeme.com
Sun May 24 22:55:53 EDT 2009

I would like to think that currently, we are getting hi-res versions into
digital format.  Once a good set is produced, then we can start an OCR
project which may take a couple years.  Then we would have a final product
that is smaller in size and fully searchable.  Lofty goal but these are
early days...

I jump in and out of Tim's site to help out.  That would be a great format
to run the Rainbows through once we finish the current project on his site.


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Robert Gault wrote:
> I do have one suggestion. Add to all the contents.txt the size of the 
> files. Then those of us with dial-up can decide if and when we want to 
> download something.
Listing the time to download would be better because the download speed 
(limited by the host) is only 36KB and dial-up is still faster than that.
It took over 4 minutes download a 7.1 Megabyte file!  On my FIOS (20 MB 
down and 5 MB up) it should taken a few seconds, if that.

Besides, this file should be 1/10 (or smaller) in size if you convert 
the text of the page to true text and not an image.  Stuff that I've 
converted like this is so much smaller and can be edited in in a text 

Take a look at Tim Lindner's work and find someone that has done it right!

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