[Coco] VCC and NitrOS-9

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Tue Nov 6 15:27:58 EST 2007

At 06:51 AM 11/6/2007, you wrote:
>Roger Taylor wrote:
>>It looks like the following setup allows a nice emulated NitrOS-9 system:
>>VCC 1.14 CoCo 3 emulator
>>  HD Drive 0 -> nitros9.vhd
>>  FD Drive 0 -> Robert Gault's nitros9boot.os9 file found in his 
>> RGBDOS.zip file
>>I'm using the standard Disk BASIC 1.1 ROM included with VCC.  I'm 
>>not sure what all RGBDOS does or if it's even compatible with the 
>>way VCC expects things to be, etc., but so far I've got NitrOS-9 
>>coming up with King's Quest 1,2,3, Leisure Suit Larry, and the 
>>other newly-made Sierra games, so I'm pleased at the moment.
>VCC has my emulator version of RGBDOS included within the emulator. 
>(You can find the copyright message is you scan the Vcc.exe file.) 
>In fact if the .vhd image on the site has not changed, it already 
>has a NitrOS-9 boot drive included as well as a version of NitrOS-9 
>itself. It also contains some of my utility programs so you really 
>don't need to go to my web site. I think the boot is on drive 253 so 
>all you need do is enter:
>You should find some of my utilities on drive 254.

In reinstalled VCC 1.14 and it came up with Disk BASIC 1.1.  Typing 
DOS253 generated an error.  At that point, I assumed the ROM was not 
patched.  :)  If there's a switch for getting RGBDOS booting instead, 
I guess I overlooked it.

>The only problem with the .vhd image at the VCC site is that the 
>NitrOS-9 boot drive is not labeled. One of the features of RGBDOS is 
>placing a string in a disk directory so that it is shown by the DIR 
>command. The syntax is:
>RENAME DRIVE drive number, "string to display"
>So you might want:
>RENAME DRIVE253,"NitrOS-9 hard drive boot"
>If you want support for RGBDOS and how it boots OS-9, you need to 
>contact me not the VCC author. The Cloud-9 HDBDOS is modeled after 
>the original Ken-Ton RGBDOS so if anyone wants to "try out" a 
>Cloud-9 system, RGBDOS on a emulator is the way to go.

I really wasn't looking for RGBDOS, but if it's built into VCC, then 
I guess I'm stuck into using it in order to boot into the NitrOS-9 
.vhd ?  :)  Ofcourse, I'm aware that you're the maker of RGBDOS but 
what about the hundreds of people not on this list who has downloaded 
VCC.  Their natural instinct is to go to the author for support, so 
you *might* want to give a heads up to the crowd so he won't be 
swamped with questions.  If it's in the docs, that should help.

Anyway, great job to whoever is responsible for VCC booting up a 
NitrOS-9 "hard drive" with the Sierra games on it, and plenty of 
space to copy in all of my OS-9 .dsk images and much more.  This is 
what I was looking for in a simple way but nobody could get it right 
until now I guess.

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