[Coco] FAO - Phill & Gene

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Mon Apr 30 09:00:44 EDT 2007

Steve.Lancaster at Moorestephens.com wrote:
> Phill - If you ever manage to develop a MMC / SD storage system for the 
> Dragon / Coco put me in the queue for one.
> Gene - Where can I get a Glenside IDE adaptor from? How do you format the 
> SD / MMC card so that the Coco can read files from it?
> Steve


	I'm not Gene, but, The Glenside Color Computer Club does have several still in 
stock. I don't remember who has physical possession of them. I forwarded your 
question to the club secretary, he should know where they are.

	For CF access, HDB-DOS from Cloud-9 works great!! It allows up to 256 'flash' 
or 'hard drive' floppy images (in addition to 4 physical floppys). The balance 
of the CF (or hard drive can be used for OS-9 with Cloud-9's SuperDrivers.

Christopher R. Hawks
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their  operating system."
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