[Coco] Source code for High Speed Bit-Banger I/O

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Apr 28 01:33:42 EDT 2007


Your 57600 example states "THERE ARE ROUGHLY 15.45 CYCLES PER-BIT 
(889980 / 57600)"

The orginal 38400 bps COMM example states "894886.2 clock cycles per 
second / 38400 bits per second."

In my 57600/115200 code, I used the 894886.2/57600 formula and came 
up with ~15.54 cycles per bit.  I based all of my precise timing on 
this and it works without error as well.

Anyway, since there's a ~.0851 cycle difference per bit, I guess it 
doesn't matter for 1-8-1 (10) bits.  I'm just wondering which forumla 
is more precise.  Sock Master, where are ya?

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