[Coco] Source code for High Speed Bit-Banger I/O

Darren A. darccml at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 27 12:01:22 EDT 2007

>From: Roger Taylor
>Good job, then.  If it works, then I guess I can't claim to be the only one 
>who made it possible.  :)
>However, my model and protocol was designed to work in a background-driven 
>environment.  The CoCo can literally sit there with a flashing cursor and 
>talk to a PC at 115200 bps with nothing missed!  This is on a CoCo 1, 2, or 
>3 and no GIME or IRQ/FIRQ involved!  What about a PC running at 3ghz and 
>well enough capable of transmitting too quick while the CoCo is possibly 
>executing a slow 1 or 2mhz instruction.  Solved!  :)
>Roger Taylor
If that's true then I could only say WOW!  I would have to see a working 
demo to believe it. My mind cannot conceive of any way to sync with such a 
short start-bit while doing other tasks. I hope you will reveal your secrets 


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