[Coco] CF/SD/MMC devices

Boisy Pitre boisy at boisypitre.com
Thu Apr 26 15:24:45 EDT 2007

On Apr 26, 2007, at 1:59 PM, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> BTW what exactly is the status of the Drivewire Protocol, I know it  
> has been published on the Cloud 9 site, and that there is an open  
> source server for it but is it ok to use if for this, especially as  
> some day I'd like to make the designs and source public ?


Use it as you see fit.  I think using it to communicate to the AVR is  
a fitting way to read/write data.  If you think you'll need to extend  
the protocol, just let me know what changes you propose to make so we  
can discuss and I can document them.


> Cheers.
> Phill.
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