[Coco] CoCo3.com support for Rainbow and Portal-9 IDEs

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Apr 22 00:01:23 EDT 2007

Yes, I received the payment for the PC Link cable.  It'll be tested with 
telecom protocols before I ship it, but I expect to get it out on Monday.

This is the longest cable I've built, but I'm sure it'll work great 
since I connected an even longer old Atari joystick cable (uses DB-9) to 
my own PC Link cable one day and it delivered 115.2k streams all day 
long with zero errors.

I really want to release the 115.2k trick source code but it is too much 
of a key element to another product I'd like to get done which would run 
alongside Boisy's DriveWire but would run at Twice the speed.

Anyway, I'll e-mail you the minute I ship your cable out.  Thanks for 

As for the Rainbow and Portal-9 IDEs.  Portal-9 was the stepping stone 
for Rainbow.  Portal-9 is just for CoCo/6809/6309/Dragon, etc. 
development but won't be able to use anything much over M.E.S.S. .104. 
It's very powerful and simple to use, but I'm sorry to say that the 
focus is now on the Rainbow IDE which delivers to the entire 8/16-bit 
vintage world (it's getting there anyway!).

The Rainbow IDE is my flagship product at this time, and I'm working on 
version 2.0 which will include a built-in PC<->CoCo transfer system to 
do away with floppy disk issues.  Well, kinda.  You'll need a CoCo 1 or 
2 with the DLOAD and DLOADM command in order to download the 115.2k 
telecom program from the IDE.  When you get the OK prompt on the CoCo, 
type EXEC and then you'll be able to import your IDE-built programs, AND 
anything else for the CoCo that wasn't built with the IDE.  The telecom 
program is also planned to have other neat transfer features.

This is where your PC Link cable will be needed.  By the way, your cable 
took the remaining ~18 feet I had so I'll have to order another big roll 
before I can make more.  Sorry guys!  :)

David Roper wrote:
> Hi Roger
> What's the main differences between Rainbow and Portal? I was under the 
> impression that Portal has been discontinued in favour of Rainbow
> What prompted the switch from one to the other?
> On an unrelated note, did you receive payment for the 18-foot serial 
> cable ok?
> Kind Regards,
> David Roper
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> Roger Taylor wrote:
>> I've uploaded some support files for the Rainbow IDE and Portal-9 IDE.
>> You'll be amazed to be able to download the almost complete collection 
>> of M.E.S.S. BIOS ROMs as a .zip file.  Also posted are both IDEs and 
>> M.E.S.S. version .104b.  The most recent versions of M.E.S.S. will not 
>> work as intended with the IDEs so you'll need such a previous version. 
>> Unzip to a folder like C:\MESS\ and C:\MESS\BIOS\ and away you go.
>> http://www.coco3.com/modules.php?name=Downloads
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