[Coco] Important Message to --> MARK MCDOUGALL <---

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 18 21:02:03 EDT 2007

Roger Taylor wrote:

> Over the past several days, I've sent you numerous e-mails with your 
> PORTAL-9 REGISTRATION KEY and the only e-mails I keep getting back
> are messages saying you haven't received your key, and the latest one
>  stating that you're about to reclaim your PayPal payment.  I checked
> my OUTBOX and did find all of my messages to you, although I think I
> told you in a recent e-mail that I couldn't locate the thread at the
> time of writing.

(BTW I'm not at home right now, so can't check my local email folders)

In the wee hours of this morning I received your email with my
registration key. Thank you!

I'm not sure how/why the emails got lost. I received a couple of emails
from you - the _last_ one asking for the registration code and a promise
to send the key that same day. I got _nothing_ after that, including no
response to a reminder email. Then the above turned up - did you do
anything differently this last time?

> Can you please check your trash folder for my e-mails or maybe your 
> server's filter?  Have you tried to reach me through the many
> different forms of chat on my site?  The forums, the chatrooms, the
> Contact Us link, or the news/articles?  I'm almost everywhere at any
> given time, so there is literally no way to miss me.  :)  Yes, I'm
> busy, but I've answered all of your e-mails and sent your key in
> several of them.

I did actually do a quick search through my Trash folder after a day or
so, thinking that Thunderbird had junked your emails - but nothing. And
since I had emailed you and received 2 emails from you before, you were
a "known" contact and _shouldn't_ have been filtered.

> The e-mail address I have in my OUTBOX is:   ---->
> msmcdoug at iinet.net.au


OK, well it would seem that somewhere along the line something gobbled
any of your emails with the key. You didn't use a subject like "Portal-9
will add inches to your manhood!" or anything like that, did you? ;)

Thanks for following this through. All along I was pretty puzzled by
your _perceived_ lack of response - if it were anyone else with less
standing in the community I wouldn't have waited a week for an email


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