[Coco] CPU speed in MIPS

jdaggett at gate.net jdaggett at gate.net
Tue Apr 17 16:30:33 EDT 2007

On 16 Apr 2007 at 19:04, Dan Olson wrote:

> > Looking at Sock's page for Donkey Kong, I noticed that he has the
> > speed in MIPS of the 6809 and the Z80. Curiosity made me go to the
> > Wikipedia, were I found that the 8086 does 0.8 MIPS, the same as the
> > 6809 at 1.8 MHz (further proof of the power of the CoCo). I wonder
> > if there is a chart somewhere that compares different CPUs from the
> > 70s/80s?
> What speed does the 8086 run at to give .8 MIPS?  I've been interested
> in comparing different CPUs of that era too but unfortunatly it's like
> comparing apples and oranges, when you factor in the different
> instruction sets, bus width, I/O addressing, number of instructions
> per clock cycle, etc.
>   Dan

The 8080 and 8086 uses a single pahse clock. The 6809 uses a two pahse clock. It 
becomes a bit more complex to compare MIPS with these two processors due to the 
differences. I do believe the the 8080/8086 uses four clock cycles to every machine cycle. 
Most likley the 8080/8086 uses an 8 MHz or greater clock to get 800 KIPS. 


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