[Coco] CPU speed in MIPS

Dan Olson dano at agora.rdrop.com
Mon Apr 16 22:04:15 EDT 2007

> Looking at Sock's page for Donkey Kong, I noticed that he has the speed in 
> MIPS of the 6809 and the Z80.
> Curiosity made me go to the Wikipedia, were I found that the 8086 does 0.8 
> MIPS, the same as the 6809 at 1.8 MHz (further proof of the power of the 
> CoCo).
> I wonder if there is a chart somewhere that compares different CPUs from the 
> 70s/80s?

What speed does the 8086 run at to give .8 MIPS?  I've been interested in 
comparing different CPUs of that era too but unfortunatly it's like 
comparing apples and oranges, when you factor in the different instruction 
sets, bus width, I/O addressing, number of instructions per clock cycle, 


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