[Coco] [OT] Z80 still being used in modern electronics

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Mon Apr 16 10:08:39 EDT 2007

coco at yourdvd.net wrote:
> Yes, the z80 in some incarnation or the other is still manufactured.
> Wouldn't it have been nice if Motorla did this with the 6809: 
Sure would have been. Fortunately it's now possible for hobbyists to
implement the 6809 in FPGAs. Who needs Motorola?
> The next
> generation eZ80® is revolutionizing the high-performance MPU market for
> today’s 8-bit embedded applications. The eZ80® executes Z80 code four
> times faster than traditional Z80s at the same clock speed, and can
> operate at speeds up to 50MHz. Unlike most 8-bit MPUs, which can only
> address 64KB, the eZ80® can address 16MB without a Memory Management
> Unit. The eZ80® also supports demanding TCP/IP networking applications,
> featuring an Embedded Internet protocol stack that enables the
> transmission of HTML form data and the dynamic generation of web pages,
> and supports additional higher-level networking functions such as email
> and SNMP.
> The eZ80L92 is a ROMess, pin-compatible version of the eZ80F92/93 MCUs.
> --r
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>> Hello all, I've been looking into getting an update for my old HP
>> calculator. I was looking at the Texas Instruments line and saw they
>> have an SDK for their TI-83 calculator. I downloaded it to see what
>> tools they have available and was surprised to see their "state of the
>> art" calculator uses the ol' Z80.
>> http://education.ti.com/educationportal/appsdelivery/download/download_eula.
>> jsp?cid=us&displayMode=G&applicationid=6142&contentpaneid=28 I would
>> have thought there was a faster or lower power (wattage) or higher
>> power (CPU cycles) or otherwise better CPU to use by now, but what do
>> I know? Thought I'd pass this along, John PS: to tie this into the
>> Coco, I hope they upgrade their calculators to the 6809 soon . -- Coco
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