[Coco] [OT] Z80 still being used in modern electronics

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Apr 16 08:35:23 EDT 2007

On Monday 16 April 2007, coco at yourdvd.net wrote:
>Yes, the z80 in some incarnation or the other is still manufactured.
>Wouldn't it have been nice if Motorla did this with the 6809: The next
>generation eZ80® is revolutionizing the high-performance MPU market for
>today’s 8-bit embedded applications. The eZ80® executes Z80 code four
>times faster than traditional Z80s at the same clock speed, and can
>operate at speeds up to 50MHz. Unlike most 8-bit MPUs, which can only
>address 64KB, the eZ80® can address 16MB without a Memory Management
>Unit. The eZ80® also supports demanding TCP/IP networking applications,
>featuring an Embedded Internet protocol stack that enables the
>transmission of HTML form data and the dynamic generation of web pages,
>and supports additional higher-level networking functions such as email
>and SNMP.
>The eZ80L92 is a ROMess, pin-compatible version of the eZ80F92/93 MCUs.
Yes, but does it still have that silly requirement that you waste 20% of every 
256 byte page of ram with long jump tables because it can't do a conditional 
jump with more than a signed 8 bit offset?  I always considered that chip as 
being terminally broken by design just because of that.  Even the lowly RCA 
1802, with its subroutines for calls and returns beat the daylights out of 
the Z-80 and its housekeeping trash.  The 6809 was indeed a better idea.


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