[Coco] Unpacked my CoCo Stuff

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Thu Apr 12 21:42:22 EDT 2007

Re: CGP-220 yellowing

I have the same printer, with the same look - I tend to wonder if it 
isn't something else (instead of UV), as this printer was "stored" at my 
parents house for about 10-15 years before I got it, and it never saw 
the sun or much of anything else, even when I was using it. Maybe a desk 
lamp (at least, just the light), with a regular bulb (non-flourescent) - 
but when I left Cali to come here to school in Phoenix, I packed it 
away, and placed it under a bed. When I picked it up many years later 
(along with the rest of my CoCo stuff, which all held up fine - 'cept 
the floppy drive, which I replaced) - it was yellowed.

Not that I really care - it isn't like I can get new cartridges for it 
(not too mention that it probably needs a complete mechanical 
teardown/cleaning/rebuild before it would even have a chance at working)...

-- Andrew L. Ayers
    Glendale, Arizona


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 >I'm pretty sure it was a cat...It had "that smell!"
 >In 'bama I always had voicemail...So the digital answering machine was 
 >packed away as well. I tried plugging it in and got nothing. So I 
 >rinsed it in distilled water and let it dry overnight. It works today. 
 >So that may be the route I have to go for my more precious CoCo stuff.
 >It's odd...Some of the cases are fine...Still whit. But the worse 
 >yellowing is on my CGP-220 printer. The case is all dark yellow. 
 >Except the door that hold the ink. That's still white! Very odd.

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