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In 'bama I always had voicemail...So  the digital answering machine was 
packed away as well. I tried plugging it in  and got nothing. So I rinsed it in 
distilled water and let it dry overnight. It  works today. So that may be the 
route I have to go for my more precious CoCo  stuff. 
It's odd...Some of the cases are fine...Still whit. But the worse  yellowing 
is on my CGP-220 printer. The case is all dark yellow. Except the door  that 
hold the ink. That's still white! Very  odd.


The yellowing can be a result of the  chemical formulation of the plastic when
it was made in the manufacturing  process.   The relative concentrations of 
the chemical components  of the process can be less than optimum
or vary slightly resulting in   product that has varying and 
significant rates of polymeration of the  plastic which can yellow it and
even leave it brittle after a very long  time.  It all depends on the amount
of quality control you have during  the synthesis of the plastic used to
mold the part.  It can vary from  batch to batch so that parts from different
batches perform  differently.

Or the use of substandard product to cut costs can do the  same thing.   


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