[Coco] Text Editors

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Mon Apr 9 13:05:31 EDT 2007

Michael R. Furman wrote:
>>> That could be a project for someone looking for a programming project.
>>> Port vi to nitros!!
>>> Frank
> I have been working on porting the PVIC editor  
> http://www.fwiarda.com/software/pvic.htm to Nitros9 on and off for the last 
> year.  I haven't gotten very far however...  

I would recommend that any one looking at porting an editor to the COCO 
look at TECO.  An open source variant is available, written in C

The reasons are:

1. It has very little in hardware requirements.
2. It can run in command line / printing terminal environments.
3. It probably has been ported to a more diverse set of platforms
    than any other editor.

It has a visual WSIWYG display mode with a command window built in. 
That mode currently requires that the display support ANSI control

Having used both TECO and VI, TECO is faster and easier to learn for
basic editing.

And I have found that for many 1-shot complex editing tasks, programming 
a TECO command string is the fastest solution.

It should be possible to come up with a version of TECO that would run 
using the Disk Color Basic ROM routines, in addition to variants for 
OS-9 or Flex-09.

wb8tyw at qsl.net

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