[Coco] Help COCO-1 Keyboard

John T Chasteen johnchasteen.2 at juno.com
Sun Apr 8 15:27:07 EDT 2007

I got a Coco (Gray Box) with chicklet keys. Unfortunately some of the
keys must be dirty. What is the best way to clean the electrical

I also have a replacement keyboard but the connector is a flat ribbon on
the keyboard and the connector on the motherboard is a male connector.
suggestions how I can solve this connection problem?

We had a great time at the Last annual COCO Fest. The seminars were
There was a lot of new products available for sale. I"I'll soon have the
SUPER Card with all the goodies for Nitros OS9 and a large IDE hard drive
interface box so I can connect a flat panel monitor. The coco3's are
going to get some serious use.

Another good purchase was Tandy DeskMate 3 Documentation (26-3262) which
is for OS9 Level 2. Unfortunately I can't find the 5.25 floppy program
disks. Can someone help with a copy?

I want to do more than play games with all the new ROM packs I have .

How Can I get the back issues of  "CoCoNutz! E-Zine " ?

John Chasteen


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