[Coco] Introducing myself - Carlos Bragatto

Richard rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Sat Apr 7 02:18:57 EDT 2007

> I have an older version of Amiga Forever, and can confirm that even that
> old version is quite nice.  Amiga Explorer is a very useful utility.
> Though I wish it were a little more Amiga-centric, like DriveWire is
> CoCo-centric.

Now THAT would be cool. Though I think they tried that with Amiga Explorer. 
Kinda worked be I ended up using Samba connections until my ethernet card 
upchucked. Really couldn't bring myself to revert back to serial or parallel 
nets. Then other parts of the hardware crooked and that as they say was that 
for the Ami.

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