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I used to remark that the Amiga OS was the greatest OS ever made. Got me
flamed alot.
Here is something I quite enjoyed :-)



it's about the amiga.
 I found it while viewing the CoCo 3 DONKEY KONG:

Back in 1998 there was a company going to revive the Amiga (I think they
had bought rights to the OS at the time) but they canned the project and
continued to develop the OS. I lost touch after that. Forgot about the
Amiga until last week. Thinking about buying one and an ATARI ST. Would
love to Get a SINCLAIR QL just to see if I could make OS-K run on it :-)


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> > The Amiga OS - isn't it still available? (the OS that is, not the
> > hardware) -r
> >
> >   
> It is, in a manner of speaking.  There is a company, licensed by Amiga,
> Inc. to develop Amiga OS 4, for the PPC.  I guess it is (or briefly
> was?) available.  There were some PPC-based motherboards being made (by
> a different licensee) and sold as Amiga One systems.  Only problem is
> that the OS wasn't available yet when the motherboards were being sold,
> though they could run Debian Linux (or GNU/Linux, if you prefer) out of
> the box, and Amiga OS 4 when available.  IIUC, OS 4 finally became
> available about the time the hardware quit being made.  Now, why would
> you buy special hardware to run an Amiga OS that doesn't exist yet?  I
> can't afford to spend $800-$1200 on hardware that might someday run the
> software I want to run.  I'll wait until the hardware and software are
> both available at the same time -- especially if we're talking that kind
> of money.  And if that never happens, I'm never going to buy.  I'm not
> rich enough to take that kind of risk.  I've already sunk hundreds into
> a TC-9 and an MM/1.  :)  Cloud-9 is wise to hold off on delivery until
> they can deliver a complete product.
> Mind you, being able to run Debian is in itself very nice, but I've
> gotten G3 Macs for free that will do that, and piles and piles of x86
> PCs.
> I think they still sell version 3.x of AmigaOS for 68k machines, but I
> believe you need at least an 020 to run it.  All I have is a couple 500s
> and a 1000, none of which have better than a slightly accelerated
> (15MHz) 68000.  :(  Check Software Hut (
> http://www.softhut.com/cgi-bin/test/Web_store/web_store.cgi ) to see
> what you can still buy.
> Also interesting is the PegasosPPC and Morphos (and of course also
> Linux):  http://www.pegasosppc.com/  This is a PPC board that appears to
> still be in production.  Morphos is an OS inspired by AmigaOS, (and
> perhaps partially compatible -- I think it may have evolved from some of
> the extensions to AmigaOS that came along with PPC accelerators for
> Amiga hardware?).  The screenshots are cool, anyway.
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> >> Hey Gene, back in the day, I used to be an avid Amiga fanatic, erm,
> user,
> >> and a guy named Daniel Barrett created a fictitious company called
> >> "Blazemonger, Inc", and the company's tech support guys were named
> "Gino"
> >> and "Luigi"...
> >>
> >> Carlao
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