[Coco] Diego Barizo

Nuxie at aol.com Nuxie at aol.com
Tue Apr 3 11:42:19 EDT 2007

Ok here is what we need to do for now guys.  Since i cannot reach him  via 
his phone we need to get ahold of INS in New York and ask if they can tell  us 
his status... ie wheather or not he has seen the judge, what was the result  of 
seeing the judge and if we can leave a message with him.  So anyone in  the 
New York area if you can make that phone call and see if they will tell you  
anything that would be great.  Now Diego does have someone feeding his cats  and 
as i understand it they are indoor outdoor cats.  He also has friends  
looking after his things there.  The first thing we need to do is come up  with his 
rent money so his things can remain where they are for now.  that  way he will 
have time to get settled in uruguay if he is deported and then we  can work 
out who will ship his things where. 
We have to get ahold of INS though to see what his status is.  I am  willing 
to pose as a girlfriend if that is what is needed to get info..  Also all you 
people who are good at google get on the net and see if you can  find anything 
out about his status with the INS via the web.
His full name is Diego rodrigo barizo fernandez he is from montevide  uruguay.
lets find out where he is and what going on.  We have to contact him  though 
so we can know where to send his rent money to first.  I am going to  look at 
the INS website and see if maybee i can do a search for his case.
Meanwhile paypal money can be sent to _Nuxie at aol.com_ (mailto:Nuxie at aol.com)  
on paypal. but again we need to  find out his status first before we send off 
any money. I am going to contact  friends from his yahoo 360 page and see if 
i can find this woman that is taking  care of his cats and has his house keys.

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