[Coco] NOS9 Boot_Burke

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Wed Oct 25 18:40:00 EDT 2006

Chester A Patterson wrote:

> I looked for krnl2dir, krnltodir and vfy in RTSI, but didn't find.
> Please, could you perhaps be more specific.
> I looked in the NOS9 SCRIPTS and BootLists but found nothing that
> affects the hidden boot files.
> Does the NOS9 DSIKINI.EXE work to pass .DSK PC files to OS9 readable
> floppies?
> Thankyou,

DSKINI.EXE does not care what whether the image is Disk Basic or OS-9. 
It just does a format and then a sector by sector copy from the PC to a 
floppy. That means you can't adjust the skip factor for example.

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