[Coco] NOS9 Boot_Burke

Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Wed Oct 25 18:06:57 EDT 2006

I looked for krnl2dir, krnltodir and vfy in RTSI, but didn't find.
Please, could you perhaps be more specific.

I looked in the NOS9 SCRIPTS and BootLists but found nothing that
affects the hidden boot files.

Does the NOS9 DSIKINI.EXE work to pass .DSK PC files to OS9 readable



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On Monday 23 October 2006 17:44, Chester A Patterson wrote:

>Precisely my dilema, I don't know how to exchange the standard NOS9 
>BOOT with the Boot_Burke file. I've never played with the boottrack
>In the case of the B&B system, on the MFM HD, track 128 (and track 129 
>for the ALTBoot) contains this file hidden away in there along with REL

>and what not.

I have, on rtsi I believe, a utility that might help to educate.  Called
krnl2dir or krnltodir maybe.  It generates a directory entry that points
at this otherwise hidden file.  Once thats done you can use my 'vfy' 
utility to split it up into the 5 pieces it actually is.  Theres the 6
byte header that rsdos uses to identify it as an os9 disk when you type
dos, then the 3 pieces of the original 1st stage boot, called rel, boot
and what was once os9p1, followed by an interrupt table that got loaded
into the top $10 bytes of ram.  All of which are important.

But, if you get the latest NOS9 distro from nitros9.org, there are
suitable utilities and scripts in there to facilitate the mods you are
contemplating.  There are many ways to skin that cat.

What I wrote back then was because there was no other way to do it, now
there is.

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