[Coco] re: CoCo Questions (book re-release pre-announcement!)

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Tue Oct 24 07:19:46 EDT 2006

Try www.coco3.com for a lot of info and downloads. It's not CoCo3 specific, though some of course is. 

It won't be long before a technical/historical book about all CoCos I published years ago is re-released. It will be available from that site. Hope to have it ready in time for Christmas. It's been slightly updated (vendors and resources, mainly), and all the original tech info is still there -- repair info and schematics for nearly everything, lists of what was available from RS (including most part numbers and prices) and aftermarket, and everything I could think of that might be useful to a CoCo owner. It's a "survival guide" as well as history. Watch the list and CoCo3.com for the re-release! 

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