[Coco] [Color Computer] <coco> Oh, heck! SPAM!

RJRTTY at aol.com RJRTTY at aol.com
Sun Oct 8 21:29:43 EDT 2006

In a message dated 10/8/06 9:01:56 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com writes:


Someone has infiltrated the coco list, or the many other  avenues that lead 
to email postings to this list and now I'm starting to  get spam!

I am totally spam free, without spam filters!  or at  least I WAS until this 
email address started getting SPAM.

I'm not  angry... just disappointed. If this continues, I will have to 
create a new  email addy to fix it.


LOL   Don't sweat it George!  Maybe they just got  lucky.  Wait
and see if you get anymore.   Is there some way you can send  it
back where it came from so they will think it bounced off an invalid
address?  Obviously I know very little about these things    :)

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