[Coco] MC6809 Inards

jdaggett at gate.net jdaggett at gate.net
Thu Oct 5 08:25:35 EDT 2006

On 5 Oct 2006 at 0:12, KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:

> ISTR someone here was well along the way in "forward engineering" a 
> work-alike ASIC design for the GIME -- like, we understand it well enough
> to  emulate it, so we could build one.  Probably minus the sparklies, tho 
> :-) --Mike K.

Not an ASIC, but an FPGA version. Still needs a bit of finishing. A major issue is 
that the Spartan 2 series of FPGAs are the last of the ones be Xilinx that  have 5 
V tolerent I/Os. The Spartan 2E and newer do not  have 5 Volt tolerent I/O. The 
Spartan 2 series also are more costlier and less available now than the Spartan 3 
and Virtex sereies of FPGAs. 


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