[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Coco Graphics Designer

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Wed Oct 4 23:28:59 EDT 2006

Any on line catalog or website?
There should be one :-)


> Rick (and all):
>     Here's a repeat of the announcement after the 'fest.
> CDF OS9                                                          $25
>     Like his big brother, (CDF OS9/68000). CDF allows you to access
> PC-CDs (ISO9660)! Read CD disks on your IDE/SCSI Coco! CDF makes the
> CD look like a hard drive, so all OS9 utilities and programs can access
> files on the CD. Also uses the Rockridge extensions (long filenames)
> Requires NitrOS9 ver 3.2.6 (or newer), SuperDriver 2.0 (or newer) and
> an IDE or SCSI controller (SuperIDE, TC^3, and Glenside IDE have been
> verified). U.S. shipping included
> RGB to S-Video Converter                                          $45
>     Retire your aging CM8 or 8CM515! Connect your Coco3 to any TV with 
> an S-Video input. Sharp, clear 80 column text on a TV! Horizontal 
> centering control means no lost characters. Requires a _regulated_ 5 
> volt power supply with 300 ma. (optional $5 extra). $5 U.S. shipping
> CDF is shipping now, nearly caught up for RGB to S-Video.
>     Send check or Money Order to:
> HAWKSoft
> 25818 Hunter Rd.
> Harvard, Il 60033
>     Or Paypal me at 'chawks -at- dls.net'

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