[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Coco Graphics Designer

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Wed Oct 4 22:56:38 EDT 2006

Rick Ross wrote:
> Where do you get Chris's iso9660 file manager?

Rick (and all):

	Here's a repeat of the announcement after the 'fest.

CDF OS9                                                          $25
     Like his big brother, (CDF OS9/68000). CDF allows you to access
PC-CDs (ISO9660)! Read CD disks on your IDE/SCSI Coco! CDF makes the
CD look like a hard drive, so all OS9 utilities and programs can access
files on the CD. Also uses the Rockridge extensions (long filenames)
Requires NitrOS9 ver 3.2.6 (or newer), SuperDriver 2.0 (or newer) and
an IDE or SCSI controller (SuperIDE, TC^3, and Glenside IDE have been
verified). U.S. shipping included

RGB to S-Video Converter                                          $45
     Retire your aging CM8 or 8CM515! Connect your Coco3 to any TV with 
an S-Video input. Sharp, clear 80 column text on a TV! Horizontal 
centering control means no lost characters. Requires a _regulated_ 5 
volt power supply with 300 ma. (optional $5 extra). $5 U.S. shipping

CDF is shipping now, nearly caught up for RGB to S-Video.

	Send check or Money Order to:

25818 Hunter Rd.
Harvard, Il 60033

	Or Paypal me at 'chawks -at- dls.net'

Christopher R. Hawks
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