[Coco] Re: Rainbow on Disc

Shawn M. Hedgecorth smh1 at wi.rr.com
Thu Jun 9 18:09:59 EDT 2005

I've been playing around with this a little bit today. You are right about
having to re-typeset in order to be able to select text. Another way to do
this is to scan the pages as TIF images to get them into Acrobat. Then OCR
the articles that make sense to do so and save them as RTF. Within the PDF
file, you can use hyperlinks to open the RTF files. I am proposing RTF
because I think that it is pretty standard across platforms, and can look
better than plain ASCII TXT files. I am open to other ideas. And maybe your
idea of ASCII is better, so that you can use command line tools such as grep

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From: John R. Hogerhuis
Date: 06/09/05 16:31:48
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Subject: Re: [Coco] Re: Rainbow on Disc
I'm don't think there's a way to make text selectable in a PDF without
retypesetting the article text.
This is why I suggested raw PDF ascii files on the same DVD, perhaps in
the same directory with the PDF file. Then readers could grep Rainbow,
find the relevant article and page number, then pop open the PDF and
jump to the right page.
Pretty much the same thing, much less work.
Have you broached the OCR subject with Lonnie?
-- John.

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