[Coco] Cloud-9's participation in Rainbow scan project

John Hogerhuis jhoger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:07:25 EDT 2005

I will volunteer my company Speaker To Machines, Inc. for this role.
But I'm relatively new around here, so I can certainly understand some
folks may have reservations.

I am active generally in retrocomputing circles, more so in the TRS-80
Model 100 community than the coco. But I grew up on the coco 1 and 3,
have a working setup, and have been dabbling here and there. I'm
maintaining the cc6809 project. And I have the PWire project partially
done (DriveWire for Palm) but have been distracted with other
programming projects including cc6809 and the various activities at
http://Bitchin100.com .

I have somewhat relevant experience in this given my work on the
Thinking Forth repub. However, I would leave final decision on
production issues to others, although I may have input here and there.

Certainly I'd have to cover cost and have some profit margin there.
But I'd be willing to share relevant accounting info.

I actually already have some of the raw material, DVDs, CDs, mailers
and cases in my stock.

I think everyone would have preferred Cloud-9 but they are unable to
do it. Just let me know.

-- John.

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